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This 4 day long programme includes housing for families who need to travel in search of support, health treatment and therapeutic tools that they can later use in their own homes.


Parents learn how to design a daily schedule based on a holistic vision, with the resources they have and considering the conditions of their personal environment. They also acquire better ability to determin what is best for their child.


The main focus is allowing each individual to develop their abilities, be more independent, access to better social opportunities and promote social inclusion.


In most cases, two families participate in this programme simultaneously. During this time, they realize they are not alone in this journey and they experience the feeling of being part of an extensive net of families in the same position.


The team includes Maxie Aubi, founder of Casa Angelman and mother of 21 year old Gianluca, a young man with AS. It also includes a child neurologist, a genetic advisor, a psychologist, an occupational therapist, a kinesiologist, a nutritionist, a masseuse and a reflexologist.


On top of parents and family members, the programme also involves directors of other health and education centers, teachers, therapists and therapeutic companions.