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We are model center of Angelman´s syndrome for other Latin American countries. We provide genetic support, information, and training to families as well as professionals.


In 2015, we founded the first Spanish-speaking clinic focused on Angelman´s syndrome, that includes a mix of doctors and specialized services.


The team is made of a genetic advisor, a child neurologist, a psychologist, a kinesiologist, an occupational therapist, a specialist on alternative augmentative communication, a nutritionist, a yoga professor, a reflexologist, a masseuse

and a osteopath


We organize symposiums, we attend conferences in other countries and we inform our families on the latest scientific discoveries.


We work on a national level with the “Programme on Less Frequent Illnesses” of the Health Ministry. We have also worked internationally with the  Angelman Syndrome Program in Massachusetts General Hospital, with the genetic department of Florida University and the Baylor institute in Houston


For further information or appointments, send an email to clinica@casaangelman.org